11th November 2019

November/December 2019

Our November/December 2019 promotions, packed full of great offers are available for download.

4th August 2019

Christmas 2019

We are pleased to introduce our Christmas Menu Guide. It features an extended range of seasonal favourites such as turkey, mince pies, smoked salmon as well as an array of succulent pates, luscious desserts and mouth watering cheeses to choose from.

10th May 2019


WINE . BEER . CIDER . SPIRITS Check out our new range of wines and alcoholic beverages which are now available to order.

18th January 2019

Caterfood Food Guide 2019

Our 2019 Food Guide is now available to download.

10th September 2018

Caterfood Recycling

Did you know, Caterfood recycles several tonnes of materials every year.


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